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Indulgence Packages

Treat yourself to the ultimate indulgence with one of these luxurious Ella Bache packages. We've taken some of our most popular treatments and combined them into one glorious day spa expieriance to pamper body and mind.

Yummy Indulgence

2 hours 10 minutes

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 This special menu of treatments has been developed with Australia's sometimes harsh climate in mind, with particular emphasis on rejuvenating and renewing environmentally exposed skins such as your face, hands and feet. You'll love how soft, smooth and alive your skin will feel. Includes tailored solution facial, hand and foot exfoliation and treatment mask.

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Extra Tasty Indulgence

2 hours 30 minutes

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Quench thirsty skin, pamper tired, aching feet and feel your stress melt away with this luxurious combination of favourite and effective Ella Bache treatments. You'll feel revived, energised and ready for anything! Includes hydra plumping facial, foot exfoliation, a treatment mask and a calming, soothing 30 minute body massage.

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Scrumptious Indulgence

3 hours

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Pure heaven! this soothing and revitalising package includes a solution facial treatment and radiance eye mask for a fresh radiant complexion, sea salt body exfoliation for skin that positively glows with good health, 60 minute body massage to ease tension and soothe tired muscles plus a High Speed Manicure. Put simply you'll feel good all over.

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Completely Irresistible Indulgence

4 hours 20 minutes

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Our Ultimate Indulgence package is a seriously special treat we should all enjoy at least once in our busy, hectic lives. Of course after you expieriance it you'll want to come back for more! Ideal for sun damaged or prematurely aged skin, it will leave you feeling refreshed, revived and delicious. Includes our Age Protection Facial Treatment, Radiance Eye Mask, Body Treatment Mask, 60 minute massage and Deluxe Manicure and Pedicure

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