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Body Treatments

Expieriance individual treatments or combine them for ultimate results.

Honey Almond Balm


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Nourishing and moisturising honey and almonds gently exfoliate and leave skin soft and supple.

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Exfoliating Sea Crystals


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Deep exfoliating sea salt eliminates rough skin and trace elements stimulate circulation.

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Earth Enzyme Body Exfoliant

30 minutes

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Dramtically refine and soften skin texture with papaya enzymes and soothing rice and oat bran.

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Cocoa Fire Mask


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A relaxing warm mask that uses a combination of cocoa powder and caffeine to stimulate circulation and smooth the appearance of any cellulite.

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Mint-Star Anise Ice Mask

40 minutes

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A refreshing cool mask with extracts of mint, star anise and menthol to tone, stimulate and refresh.

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Detoxifying Sea Salt Mask

40 mintues

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The mixture of algae, minerals and vitamins to rejuvenate and revitalise in a peel-off mask.

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